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Scam Alert

Regrettably, a scam has been proliferating in the US targeting law firms and using Ferguson's name on fictional documents purporting to establish a nonexistent supply relationship with an offshore entity.

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Ferguson is a diverse wholesale distributor with operations spanning multiple business groups. The company is ranked by trade publications as the largest wholesale distributor of residential and commercial plumbing supplies and pipe, valves and fittings(PVF) in the US. It is also the fourth largest distributor of heating and cooling equipment (HVAC/R) and the second largest company within the waterworks industry.

In 1953, Ferguson was founded with $150,000 starting capital and two locations. The next five decades saw phenomenal growth, with the company doubling in size every five years. In 1982, Wolseley plc, listed on the London Stock Exchange and based in the United Kingdom, acquired Ferguson, supplying the financial strength for Ferguson's rapid growth and aggressive expansion into the industrial, heating and cooling (HVAC) and waterworks markets.

It's Ferguson's associates who make the difference. Ferguson employs 19,000 associates. Through our industry-leading recruiting program, we aggressively pursue the best and brightest college and university graduates from across the country. Our branch managers also recruit candidates on the local level to ensure that our sales associates can identify the needs of our local customers. Ferguson services customers coast-to-coast, with a distribution network spanning approximately 1,350 locations and serves customers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Our company has a unique culture and a tradition of supporting civic, cultural, educational and environmental activities. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, from helping our customers select green product solutions to providing a safe and secure workplace environment.

Fast Facts


PO Box 2778
12500 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, Virginia
23602, USA

Number of Locations:

1,350 locations

Number of Employees:


Geographical Diversity:

Serves customers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Contact Details:

Ferguson Enterprises
PO Box 2778
12500 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, Virginia
23602, USA
T: +1 757 874 7795
F: +1 757 989 2501
E: first.last@ferguson.com
W: www.ferguson.com


    Distributor of:
  • Plumbing supplies, pipe, valves and fittings (PVF)
  • Heating and cooling equipment (HVAC/R)
  • Waterworks
  • Mechanical and industrial
  • Fireplaces and appliances
  • Kitchen, bath and lighting
  • Tools and safety equipment
  • Fire protection products

Our Mission

  • To be the premier customer-oriented supplier of value-added services.
  • To continually improve our performance.
  • To partner with vendors that help us meet our customers' needs.
  • To provide our associates with a work environment that promotes communication and opportunities for personal growth and career development.
  • To make a contribution to our communities, as individuals and as a company.
  • To succeed as a business and to provide a return to our shareholders.
  • To operate with integrity, and achieve our mission in an ethical manner.

Our Culture

Our associates are known for their energy, enthusiasm and great attitudes. The phrase "nobody expects more from us than we do" is a belief that our associates live every day. That level of care and concern for our customer's business isn't something that can be learned - it comes from the unique and dedicated individuals who form our Ferguson family.

Make no mistake, at Ferguson, we work hard. Being the best in the business is very demanding, no matter what business you're in. But we also play hard. Our associates develop many strong and lasting friendships with customers and their co-workers, and the sense of camaraderie at our branches is an important ingredient in our success.

Several other important elements add to our unique corporate culture. The way our company is organized in autonomous branches combines the advantages of a small business and a large corporation, resulting in the best of both worlds. Advancement is based on merit, and the company provides great professional growth and advancement opportunity for each associate.

Our associates are also committed to giving back to the local communities in which we do business and they form strong and lasting bonds with fellow associates and customers.

It all adds up to a work environment that is rewarding in every sense of the word.

Our History

Ferguson is a company committed to the growth of its business and its people. Founded in 1953 by Charles Ferguson, Ralph Lenz and Johnny Smither, the company began with a modest $165,000 starting capital and two locations in Colmar Manor, Md., a suburb of Washington D.C., and Birmingham, Ala., for the purpose of servicing smaller plumbing contractors. In 1954, Crossroads Supply opened in Alexandria, Va., and became the umbrella company for the three locations. Peebles Supply was opened in 1959 in Hampton, Va., by David Peebles, who became the company's second president in 1969 and changed the name of the managing company to Ferguson Enterprises Inc., in honor of the company's mentor.

Under Peebles' leadership, Ferguson grew to be an industry leader by idealizing the American dream of owning and operating a business. Ferguson managers who started locations under their own names were truly entrepreneurs, structuring their businesses based on local market demands. Peebles's instituted Ferguson's Training Program, which was designed to attract the best and brightest the workforce had to offer. Peebles' philosophy of aggressive expansion and his vision of what we could become served Ferguson well during this period of growth. By 1982, when the company was acquired by Wolseley plc, Ferguson had 76 locations in 11 states and $142 million in annual sales. Wolseley's financial strength contributed to Ferguson's phenomenal growth in the next decade with the addition of 13 new states, bringing the total number of locations to nearly 200.

In 1989, Charlie Banks, Ferguson's first official trainee, became President. With Banks' guidance, Ferguson grew from $606 million in sales to over $3.3 billion and more than 500 locations in 38 states. In May 2001, Banks became Group Chief Executive of Wolseley, Ferguson's parent company, and Claude "Chip" Hornsby stepped in to guide Ferguson as President and CEO. In 2005, John Stegeman was appointed Ferguson's President and CEO with Hornsby transitioning to Wolseley's Group Chief Executive after Mr. Bank's retirement the following year.

Led today by CEO Frank Roach, Ferguson continues to focus on developing its associates and providing unrivaled customer service - a proven strategy that will allow Ferguson to continue to meet its goals for the future. The company's diversification across multiple business sectors, including residential, waterworks, HVAC/R and commercial/industrial have positioned the company to succeed, regardless of the economic climate.

Ferguson is a company that has proven it can adapt to the times. The company's rich history and second-to-none customer service make it an industry leader, but its associates make Ferguson the company it is today.

Scam Alert

Regrettably, a scam has been proliferating in the US targeting law firms and using Ferguson's name on fictional documents purporting to establish a nonexistent supply relationship with an offshore entity. Federal authorities have been notified of this scheme. If you receive any requests to represent an offshore company to settle debt allegedly owed by Ferguson, have any information, or been victimized, please immediately submit a report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The FBI is working on this case in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Federal Law Enforcement and Security arm of the U.S. Postal Service.