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DK-LOK® is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying a full line of quality instrumentation products. Because we source our own raw materials, have the technical expertise to design and engineer a superior offering and submit our products to 3rd party certification for reliability and intermix compatibility, the leaders in the industries we serve know DK-LOK® is a global company that can be trusted to provide “Quality Without Compromise.”

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Experience Quality Without Compromise with DK-LOK®

DK-LOK® is a global company dedicated to manufacturing and supplying top-quality instrumentation products. The ball valves, brass fittings, needle valves and stainless steel fittings provided by DK-LOK are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent of industry standards. Because all raw materials are carefully sourced and manufactured with technical expertise, DK-LOK fittings and valves are among the most 3rd party certified products in the world and guaranteed to provide a leak-tight seal in a variety of applications.

Shop our selection of DK-LOK Valves and Fittings, including:

  • Ball Valves: Italian designs and Korean manufacturing technologies combine to make the ball valves produced by DK-LOK among the most reliable ball valves in the world.
  • Brass Fittings: A wide range of fittings in different categories, all engineered of strong and durable brass. This includes compression fittings, elbows, nipples, couplings, unions, adapters and more.
  • Needle Valves: Designed for precise control, DK-LOK needle valves are ideal for fluid systems and are available in a variety of configurations.
  • Stainless Steel Fittings: Experience exceptional gripping and sealing integrity by choosing durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel fittings. This category includes connectors, elbows, plugs, caps, nipples and more.