Psion NEO Scanner Instructions

Select the options below to install your barcode scanner. First, determine what operating system your computer is using. To determine which system you have, right click on your My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties.

Scan Gun Installation Instructions

For Windows XP or Windows Vista, click here.

For Windows 7, click here.

Program Downloads

For Windows XP/Vista, download these programs in the order below:

  1. Active Sync
  2. ECOM Transfer Program

For Windows 7, download these programs in the order below:

  1. Windows Mobile Device Center - 64 bit or 32-bit
  2. ECOM Transfer Program

Psion NEO user Guide

To download the Ferguson Online NEO Scanner User Guide, click here.

Min . Max Replenishment Program

To begin using this program, make sure your Psion NEO has the Replenishment Program on it. If you need to add that program to your existing scan gun, please contact TRG Customer Support at 855-454-5408. Before using this program, you must install the "Program Downloads" above that are appropriate to your operating system.

  • For Min/Max Replenishment Program Instructions, click here.
    Note: This program is only for those users who have the Min/Max Replenishment installed on their Psion Neo scan gun.
  • For the Min/Max Replenishment Excel macro workbook, click here.
    Note: This macro can be used with or without the Psion NEO scanner. See Instructions for details.

Questions about installing your Psion NEO scanner?