Campus Career Fair Schedule

Ferguson's Career Fair Calendar of Events

If you want the chance to kick start your career and apply for a position with Ferguson after graduation, check out the schedule below to see when we’ll be coming to a campus near you.

For a slot on our campus interview schedule, apply online with us to get started.

Career Fair Calendar

Date Location Name of Event
09/21/2017 University of Missouri Business Career Fair
09/21/2017 Texas State University All Majors Career Fair
09/21/207 Texas A&M University PAID Career Fair
09/21/2017 Southeastern Louisiana University Career Fair
09/21/2017 Oklahoma State University Business Career Fair
09/21/2017 Loyola University Chicago Quinlan All Business Majors Career Fair
09/21/2017 The University of Texas at El Paso Career Expo 2017
09/26/2017 Christopher Newport University Fall 2017 Career & Graduate School Fair
09/26/2017 Purdue University Fall 2017 Sales, Retail & Financial Services Career Fair
09/26/2017 University of Arkansas Business Career Fair
09/26/2017 Arizona State University Fall 2017 Career & Internship Fair
09/26/2017 Kansas State University NSSI Sales Career Fair
09/27/2017 Eastern Illinois University Job & Internship Fair
09/27/2017 Youngstown State University Fall 2017 Career Fair
09/27/2017 University of Massachusetts Isenberg Career Day 2017
09/27/2017 Appalachian State University Business Connections 2017
09/27/2017 University of Tennessee, Knoxville Business, Retail and Government Job & Internship Fair
09/27/2017 University of Arizona Eller Expo
09/27/2017 Georgia Southern University Eagle Expo
09/27/2017 Clemson University Business, Healthcare and Communications/Media Fair
09/27/2017 Cal Poly Pomona San Luis Obispo Fall Career Fair
09/27/2017 University of Kentucky Gatton College of Buisness Internship & Career Fair
09/28/2017 University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Fall Career Conference
09/28/2017 Hiring our Heroes Washington State Hiring Fair
09/28/2017 Florida International University All Majors Fair
09/28/2017 Florida State University Seminole Futures
09/28/2017 Auburn University Harbert College of Business Career Fair
09/29/2017 Rutgers University Fall 2017 Business Career Fair
09/29/2017 The College of New Jersey Fall Oppurtunities Fair
10/03/2017 University of Utah All-Campus Career Fair
10/03/2017 Washington State University Career Expo
10/03/2017 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 2017 Hawk Career Fair
10/03/2017 University of New Hampshire Fall Career & Internship Fair 2017
10/04/2017 Florida Gulf Coast University Job & Internship Fair
10/04/2017 Cleveland State University Fall 2017 Career Fair
10/04/2017 Fordham University Fall 2017 Career Fair
10/04/2017 University of Idaho 2017 Fall Career Fair
10/05/2017 George Mason University Business, Public Service & Non-Technical Fall Career Fair
10/05/2017 Brigham Young University, Provo Career Fair
10/06/2017 Colorado Business School Career Fair 2017
10/06/2017 Northern Arizona University Career Exploration Day
10/10/2017 University of Southern Mississippi 2017 Fall Career Fair
10/10/2017 University of Hawaii, Manoa Career Fair
10/10/2017 Western Michigan University Food/Sales Marketing Career Night Fall 2017
10/11/2017 Clemson University 2017 Tiger Pro Day Student Athlete Career Fair
10/11/2017 Florida Atlantic University Career Expo
10/12/2017 Brigham Young University, Hawaii Fall 2017 Career Fair
10/16/2017 North Dakota State University Marketing and Sales Hiring Fair
10/17/2017 Old Dominion University Fall 2017 Career Fair
10/18/2017 University of California, Davis Fall Internship and Career Fair
10/18/2017 Northern Illinois University Fall 2017 Internship & Job Fair
10/19/2017 Christopher Newport University PCSE Career & Internship Fair
10/19/2017 Grand Valley State University Fall 2017 Career Fair
10/19/2017 NY Fashion Institute of Technology Job & Internship Fair
10/19/2017 Oregon State University 2017 Fall Career Expo Business, Arts, Humanities Day
10/19/2017 Slippery Rock University Business, Comm, Computing & Hospitality Career & Internship Expo
10/20/2017 University of Louisiville Fall 2017 Business Career Fair
10/23/2017 Old Dominion University Insurance, Risk Management, and Financial Planning Career Fair
10/24/2017 University of Nebraska-Kearney Industrial Distribution Career Fair
10/24/2017 California State University, Northridge Fall Intership & Career Fair 2017
10/25/2017 Arkansas State University All Majors Career Fair
10/26/2017 Cal Poly Pomona Fall Careers Fair
10/26/2017 Central Washington University Career, Internship and Graduate Fair
10/26/2017 California State University, East Bay 2017 Fall Career and Internship Fair
11/01/2017 Portland State University All Majors Career Fair
11/01/2017 California State University, Fresno Professional & Business Services Career & Internship Fair
11/02/2017 Western Washington University Business Career Fair 2017
11/02/2017 Southern Utah University Career and Internship Fair
11/03/2017 William & Mary TechDay
11/09/2017 University of Oregon Fall Career Fair