Aramark FARO scan project for new piping system

Case Study: Aramark FARO Scan Project



Project overview


Design and prefabricate a new piping system that can be installed in a single weekend to minimize operational disruptions.



Create a virtual model of the piping system using 3D scanning technology to reduce turnaround time and streamline installation.


Products used:

  • FARO scan technology
  • Stainless steel pipe and grooved fittings



Waterloo, IA



Background and project scope

Aramark is a global company with services covering a wide range of institutional and educational facilities and government clients. Aramark contracted with Young Plumbing & Heating to re-pipe a commercial laundry facility. Per Aramark’s request, the re-piping would ideally be completed in a single weekend in order to reduce downtime for the facility.




Young Plumbing & Heating connected with Ferguson to conduct a 3D scan of the existing piping. Our team used FARO S70 laser scanning equipment to capture precise measurements of the current system, which they submitted to our internal virtual design and construction (VDC) team to create virtual models and spool drawings.


Based on the drawings, we fabricated the new pipe and delivered it to the jobsite, along with spool layout pages for more straightforward staging and installation. Installation efficiency was the driving factor for using the grooved mechanical piping system since the project had a very short turnaround window.


The VDC process saved labor hours and allowed the project to be completed on time, showing workers that their employer cared about time spent away from families on a weekend shut-down project.



The solution: Ferguson

Young Plumbing & Heating does not currently have in-house capabilities for scanning and modeling, so they turned to Ferguson. Our ability to offer the scanning and modeling services, along with our capabilities for piping end prep/prefabrication, made Ferguson an easy choice for the contractor.


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