Cape Coral North 2 Utilities Expansion Project

Customer Case Study: The City of Cape Coral, FL



“The use of Bold & Gold® can help remove excess pollutants to protect the water in our springs, aquifers and estuaries across the state of Florida.”
– Brian Carlos, Stormwater and Geosynthetic Solutions Specialist


Project overview



Remove nutrients—namely phosphorus and nitrogen—from stormwater runoff in residential areas before it enters groundwater and nearby waterbodies.



Apply a 1' layer of Bold & Gold® CTS Media in residential swales to treat stormwater runoff and remove the aforementioned nutrients.


Product advantages:

  • Bold & Gold® CTS Filtration Media


Product advantages:

  • Ferguson Waterworks partners with Environmental Conservation Solutions to distribute Bold & Gold® in Florida.
  • Bold & Gold® removes dissolved nutrients and particulates from stormwater, agricultural and wastewater runoff.
  • Bold & Gold® is a long-lasting product composed of natural and recycled materials that are non-toxic and environmentally safe, contains no organic materials and does not discharge pollutants back into the environment.



The municipality of Cape Coral is known for its large canal network and several fresh and saltwater preserves that surround the area. These waterways are part of the Caloosahatchee Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP), which is a framework for water quality restoration carried out by local and state agencies.


Project scope

Due to the proximity of residential homes to nearby canal systems, Cape Coral was tasked with removing nitrogen and phosphorus from stormwater runoff. Upon receiving a grant for the project, the city had to decide on an application suitable for residential property.



With the help of Environmental Conservation Solutions, Ferguson Waterworks proposed a solution of deploying a 1' layer of Bold & Gold® in residential swales and covering it with native soil and sod. Stormwater would then collect in this application and filter through the Bold & Gold®, thereby removing phosphorus and nitrogen in the process before it reached groundwater.


The solution: Ferguson Waterworks

We worked closely with both Environmental Conservation Solutions and Cape Coral's engineering department to explore the benefits of Bold & Gold® treatment. Additionally, our close relationship with the site contractor—Forsberg Construction—aided in selection, ensuring clear communication throughout the project.


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