Pecan & Gutenberg Solar Farms

Customer Case Study: The City of Roanoke Rapids, NC



Project overview



Nansemond Contractors






Roanoke Rapids, NC



Permanently stabilize channels, driplines and spillways without using machinery that could damage the existing solar panels on site.



Apply ShearForce 10 along panel driplines, channels and emergency spillways to permanently reinforce soils and facilitate grass growth in high-flow applications at a fraction of the cost of concrete block mats.


Product advantages:

  • ShearForce10 provides immediate protection from erosion and requires no machinery to install.
  • ShearForce10 offers comparable, maintenance-free protection at half the cost of rip rap and concrete block mats.
  • ShearForce10 promotes and permanently reinforces natural vegetation.


“ShearForce is a solution that we do not have to worry about once it’s installed. We’ve relied on this product in many areas on this solar farm, and we trust that it works immediately every time. It’s lightweight, and safer for installers.”
– Brian Bass (Nansemond Contractors)



Dominion Energy began operations at the Pecan and Gutenberg solar farms in Roanoke Rapids in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The operational solar panels in both locations are positioned next to and above channels, driplines and spillways.


Project scope

Dominion Energy tasked Nansemond Contractors of Suffolk, Virginia, with maintaining the site by preventing erosion and sediment runoff using concrete block mats. Nansemond Contractors knew this method presented a few issues from prior experience. Primarily, installing concrete blocks requires machinery, which would be tough to maneuver between and under operational solar panels without damaging them.



Nansemond Contractors applied ShearForce10 and single-net straw matting to channels and spillways. ShearForce10 slows water flow and holds soil and seeds in place to protect root masses from being washed away as they develop.


The solution: Ferguson Waterworks

Nansemond Contractors chose to work with ACF Environmental—now Ferguson Waterworks—because of an outstanding existing relationship, a unique and reliable product offering and on-site support ensuring proper installation.


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