Protecting Pittsburgh’s Water



A range of enhanced urban green infrastructure projects improved the Steel City’s natural resources.


Three improvement projects in the borough of Etna

Drainage enhancements, biofilters and stormwater storage

Location: School Street parking lot, Butler Street & Garden Alley

Years completed: 2014-2015

Products used: R-Tank; FocalPoint Biofiltration System; open-joint permeable pavers

Project description:

  • Drainage enhancements via permeable surfaces and underground stormwater storage to reduce volume to sewer treatment plant
  • School Street: small-footprint FocalPoint biofilter with expanded R-Tank beneath parking area
  • Butler Street: porous concrete sidewalks with R-Tank storage below
  • Garden Alley: open-joint paver alleyway


Expanded stormwater storage and radial trench drain collection

Location: Love Street & Rain Park

Year completed: 2017

Products used: R-Tank HD Quads; R-Tank HD Pent; FocalPoint Biofiltration System; open-joint permeable pavers

Project description:

  • Love Street: an open-joint permeable paver alley with an expanded stormwater storage system underneath
  • Rain Park: a FocalPoint biofilter system with expanded stormwater storage beneath and a radial trench drain collection system upstream to deliver water to the biofilter


Filter inserts for water quality treatment

Location: Bridge Street

Year completed: 2018

Product used: Fabco StormBasin Cartridge Filter

Project description:

  • Cartridge-based filter inserts installed in curbline drains that sit on the frame of the drain structure to provide water quality treatment
  • Designed to trap total suspended solids (TSS) and remove phosphorus and nitrogen



Five projects greening up neighborhoods

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Pretreat water for gradual infiltration

Location: Hillcrest Street & North Atlantic Avenue

Year completed: 2017

Products used: R-Tank; Fabco inlet filters

Project description: Attractive terraced curbline rain gardens to catch and pretreat water before entering enhanced underground storage system for gradual infiltration


Terraced bioretention system

Location: Centre Avenue & Herron Avenue

Year completed: 2017

Products used: R-Tank; Fabco inlet filters; Fabco domed overflow filters

Project description: A terraced bioretention system of two tiers, each with an expanded R-Tank and domed overflow with filter inserts and supported by filter inserts in adjacent street drains


Enhanced stormwater storage, filters and geogrid

Location: Wightman Park

Year completed: 2020

Products used: R-Tank (combination of HD and UD modules); Fabco inlet filters

Project description:

  • Enhanced stormwater storage underneath a newly installed playground, paired with filters in upstream drain inlets
  • Complex layout and arrangement of modules to work around playground equipment foundations
  • Additional geogrid installed below the system to improve soft subgrade


Curbline rain gardens and domed overflows

Location: Harvard Street & Beatty Street

Year completed: 2021

Products used: R-Tank; Fabco inlet filters

Project description: A series of narrow, curbline rain garden systems with linear underground storage and domed overflows with filter inserts


Curbline bioretention systems

Location: Melwood Avenue, Finland Street & Bethoven Street

Year Completed: 2018

Products used: R-Tank; R-Tank treatment rows; FocalPoint Biofiltration System; Fabco inlet filters; Rain Guardian Turret units

Project description:

  • A series of five curbline bioretention systems in a residential/commercial neighborhood
  • Rain Guardian Turret units for pretreatment, expanded underground storage and filter inserts, both on the curbline and inside the domed overflow, in each system
  • FocalPoint modular biofiltration systems in two systems due to space constraints



Ferguson Waterworks green products and services

Ferguson Waterworks is grateful to our partners at the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, surrounding boroughs and local engineering consultants and landscape architects for their dedication and collaboration in improving Pittsburgh’s water infrastructure.


We’re committed to protecting community water resources nationwide through our comprehensive suite of green products and services.


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