Permeable Paving for the Shoppes at Fashion Square in Orlando, FL



Case study in permeable paving and machine technology

The client contacted ACF/Ferguson Waterworks for assistance in finding a solution for an abandoned site within the Shoppes at Fashion Square that needed to be brought up to stormwater code before being developed. The parking area was experiencing ponding, and poor drainage created a high water table in the area.


The client desired a cost-effective system that met code requirements and increased water treatment volume.



Solution and installation: PaveDrain and machine technology

After careful consideration, the permeable paving system PaveDrain was chosen for the project. Other system options required additional excavation of bad soils, and the parking surface would have to be elevated by two feet.


Each block covers 144 square inches and weighs 50 pounds. To increase stability and aid in drainage, aggregate and ACF BX11 were installed underneath the PaveDrain.


This project was the first time in Florida’s history that machine technology was used to place the blocks. This meant that the project could be finished in half the time of a hand-placed installation.


Overall, the project took only 10 days to complete. Five large areas totaling 60,000 square feet of PaveDrain were installed in the area, providing 80% pollutant removal efficiency and 30% total suspended solids (TSS) and phosphorus load reduction rates.




PaveDrain permeable paving system successfully brought the site up to stormwater code and saved the client almost $1 million.


The new stormwater system has been permitted through St. Johns River Water Management District, City of Orlando and Florida Department of Transportation. It has also kept 39,859 cubic feet of stormwater out of nearby storm drains.


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