Replacing a Bowing Timber Wall in Mechanicsville, VA



Case study in safer erosion control

The client contacted ACF/Ferguson Waterworks for assistance in finding a solution to a timber wall behind an office complex—it was bowing out and causing an unsafe situation behind the building. The wall was no longer considered stable and needed to be fixed quickly and carefully.


The client desired a product that would permanently protect the hill from eroding while also providing an aesthetically pleasing end result.



Solution and installation: Armormax®

After careful consideration, Armormax® was chosen to replace the timber wall due to its lifespan (up to 75 years) and the added benefit of allowing for vegetation growth.


The install required that the timber wall be removed and the surface of the slope smoothed before work could begin. In this specific install, it was discovered that a trench drain was required at the bottom of the slope due to water seepage.


Following the installation of the high-performance turf reinforcement mat, the system was secured in place with washer pins and Engineered Earth Anchors. The Engineered Earth Anchors were critical to the install, as they help protect against hydraulic stresses and provide slope stabilization.


Once the installation of the Armormax® was complete, the product was covered with soil, seed and straw erosion control mats.


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The Armormax® installation turned out wonderfully, with the vegetation quickly beginning to grow through the mats after just three weeks.


The client and surrounding tenants are thrilled with the result and are excited to see the final product when the vegetation has more opportunity to grow without the summer heat.


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