Magnolia Green Woolridge & Otterdale Road Improvements

Customer Case Study: Virginia Department of Transportation



Project overview



Curtis Contracting






Chesterfield, VA



Stabilize the pipe outfall from scouring without taking out the fence and shutting down traffic.



Receive ShoreFlex® erosion control mats on a single truck to be delivered over chain-link fence via lifting straps and anchored to pipe outfall for permanent protection.


Product advantages:

  • ShoreFlex® features lifting and anchoring loops for fast, easy installation.
  • ShoreFlex® costs less to install than rip rap.
  • Once installed, ShoreFlex® requires no maintenance.


“ShoreFlex is a great solution in lieu of rock rip rap in various applications. This lightweight hard armoring solution was great for this tight quartered project saving the contractor materials, time, and labor costs.”
– Del Fuller, project lead (ACF/Ferguson)



Woolridge Road and Otterdale Road are a heavily trafficked, connected two-lane road in Chesterfield, Virginia. The Department of Transportation undertook a roadway rehabilitation project, which included installing a sediment basin just off the shoulder.


Project scope

Once the project was completed and a chain-link fence was installed around the basin, the inspector noticed a scouring issue at the base of the pipe outfall leading to the basin. Curtis Contracting Inc. was tasked with providing a permanent solution to protect the basin. The inspector suggested the contractor use rip rap to stabilize the outfall. However, it was logistically impossible to use rip rap without closing the road for delivery and taking down the fence to complete installation.



We quickly delivered a sufficient amount of ShoreFlex® erosion control mats on a 12' flatbed truck that could fit on the shoulder of the road, allowing traffic to pass. The product was conveyed over the chain-link fence using its lifting straps, quickly unrolled, and anchored down for permanent stabilization of the pipe outfall.


The solution: Ferguson Waterworks

The Virginia Department of Transportation partnered with ACF Environmental—now Ferguson Waterworks—because of great customer relations and an established reputation for providing innovative solutions. We were able to provide prompt delivery and on-site support during installation.


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