Before dawn on a city street, a worker in a reflective vest stands next to a fire hydrant releasing water and talks with a Ferguson associate standing next to a Ferguson truck.

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Emergency preparedness

Protect your crew, business and property with emergency preparedness tips and resources.

Prep, respond and recover with Ferguson

In the event of a natural disaster or emergency situation, having the right knowledge, tools and equipment ready in advance can help you and your business survive. Learn how to prep and recover like a pro and stock up on emergency supplies to build your ultimate preparedness kit.

Four orange emergency cones block off a country road in front of workers in orange safety gear removing fallen trees.


Ferguson stocks tens of thousands of products from the nation’s most-trusted manufacturers. Make sure you’re ready in the event of an emergency by preparing with flashlights, first aid kits, batteries and more.


With 1,400+ locations and distribution centers around the country, Ferguson is ready to help you respond to emergency events with generators, outdoor lighting and battery-powered radios.


Ferguson supports communities with the products you need to recover and rebuild after an emergency, such as power tools, cleaning supplies, and trash cans and bags.

"Initially we support communities by supplying items such as generators and drinking water to help communities get back on their feet. Through our vast distribution network and wide product range, we work to help with the rebuild process... If we can get products in customers’ hands when they need them, then we’ve done our job by connecting our resources to the people who need them most."

— Matt Lowry, Ferguson business development manager

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Safety Matters

Learn how to reduce hazards on the job that threaten the health and well-being of workers in this collection of safety-related articles.

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A Ferguson associate at a counter location smiles at a contractor while scanning their product.

Ferguson Counters

Access quality products and expert service from knowledgeable Ferguson associates at one of our 1,400+ locations across the country.

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Find customized services and solutions for your professional trade business so you can get the job done right every time.

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