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Home technology holiday gift ideas for 2016

Mallory Moore, a Ferguson author

by Mallory Moore


From indoor fixtures to outdoor accessories, discover a variety of new home technology innovations that will inspire awe this holiday season. The latest high-tech home products make excellent gifts that will transform any home into a smart home. Explore our guide to home technology gift ideas that will delight your family and friends all year long available on our homeowner website, FergusonShowrooms.com.

1. Smart washing machine

A smart washing machine is virtually the same as having a professional in-home laundry service. With settings to steam, sanitize, remove stains and wash a load of laundry in 15 minutes flat, this gift is both practical and cutting-edge. Plus, the option to stack it on top of the dryer will make the most of small laundry room spaces.

2. Interactive lighting fixtures

Give your family and friends the gift of style with a dynamic lighting fixture that can be adjusted to fit any room of the house. With the ability to customize their shape and change their configurations at will, interactive lighting fixtures make it easy to redecorate a space and stay up-to-date with seasonal trends.

3. Kamado-style grill

These egg-shaped ceramic grills offer a number of culinary advantages for the outdoor grilling enthusiast. Every meal can be a new and exciting treat as foods can be smoked, seared or grilled using lump wood charcoal for a one-of-a-kind savory flavor. Evenly distributed heat ensures that meats are cooked to perfection every time.

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4. Digital steam shower system

In a push of a button, relaxation and tranquility can be achieved with a digital steam shower system. An LCD touch screen allows the user to create their optimal steam bath by controlling music, temperature and light settings. Optional nature sounds will help the person who unwraps their new steam shower system to transcend the stress of daily life.

Ferguson will help you check names off of your holiday gift list with our selection of innovative products. Find the latest styles of bath, kitchen and lighting fixtures that will fit the taste of everyone you’re shopping for.

Mallory Moore, a Ferguson author

Mallory Moore

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