Hubbardton Forge pendant lighting for Ferguson Showroom Spotlight program

LED Pendant Lighting by Hubbardton Forge


Light Guide Plate Technology

Folio Pendant kitchen lighting by Hubbardton Forge Flux Pendant kitchen lighting by Hubbardton Forge
Product Features:
  • Light Guide Plate Technology featuring "edge lighting," which creates one uniform light source on both the top and bottom surfaces
  • Dimmable LED lighting for every occasion
  • Integration of metal and light allowing for lighting that can be either subtle or dramatic
  • Local manufacturer of LED boards assembled on site ensuring unmatched quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all Hubbardton Forge Lighting

Driven By Design

Hubbardton Forge's brand new LED Light Guide Plate Platform will forever impact the future of lighting. This technology is derived from "edge lighting" sheets of glass or acrylic which has been used in the television and signage industry for years. Linear strips of mid-power LEDs are used in conjunction with thermal channels and an optical grade acrylic diffuser with an embossed pattern. The light from the LEDs is injected into the sides of the light guide plate to create one uniform light source on the top and bottom surfaces. These thin light emitting surfaces create a consistent diffused light, perfect for highlighting decorative elements and bright enough for functional applications.

Planar Pendant home lighting sold at Ferguson
Landscape Pendant kitchen lighting by Hubbardton Forge
Cityscape Pendant kitchen lighting by Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge's 2015 LED product line includes:

FLUX Pendant

The vintage platinum Flux pendant is a stunning sculptural piece, intertwining polished aluminum forms with three edge-lit LED light guides, dimmable and cable hung.


A linear dedicated LED pendant beautifully highlights the leaf-like forged elements that distinguish the Folio family. It is lit by rows of LEDs through a horizontal guide plate creating a wash of up and down light.


Layered curving plates of steel, reminiscent of a rolling hill landscape, are lit by rows of LEDs through a horizontal guide plate creating a wash of up and down light.


Named after the planar surface of the LED guide plate, this family of products was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater home. The geometric interplay of lit, glowing planes and steel surfaces that are both heavily textured and smooth embraces the function of LED with the transitional arts and crafts aesthetic and the Hubbardton Forge brand.


Polished aluminum rods pierce through the glowing edge lit LED guide plate creating an ethereal blend of light and shadow. The smaller pendant is cable hung to give the appearance of the fixture floating in midair.