• Used primarily as an acoustical liner in HVAC sheet Metal ducts to absorb unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise
  • Can be used in most types of comfort heating and cooling duct systems, operating at velocities up to 6,000 fpm (30.5 m/s) and temperatures to 250°F (121°C)
  • More water repellent than standard duct liners
  • Durable, abuse-resistant and easy to clean
  • Provides excellent thermal properties, exhibits low air flow resistance and meets all applicable fire resistance standards and building code requirements
  • Factory-applied edge coating that assures sealing of the transverse edges as per SMACNA and NAIMA installation standards
  • The product can be precision cut using both manual and automatic cutting equipment

Certainteed Corporation ToughGard® T 100 ft. x 47-1/2 x 0.5 in. Fiberglass Duct Liner in Black


Manufacturer Part #: 709125


0.5 in


ASTM Specifications
ASTM C-1071, ASTM C-1104, ASTM C-1338, ASTM C-411, ASTM C-665, ASTM E-84, ASTM G-21, ASTM G-22
ToughGard® T
Product Type
Duct Liner
R value
47-1/2 in