• Also provide easy changeover to lever and weight operation.
  • Ample flow area around disc when wide open.
  • Bolted cap.
  • Bronze trim.
  • Disc cannot stick in open position.
  • For steam, water, non-corrosive oil and gas and other fluids that do not corrode bronze.
  • High grade, high-strength cast iron body and cap conform to ASTM A126, Class B Standards.
  • Install in horizontal or vertical pipe lines.
  • Only use for upward flow in vertical lines, or any angle from horizontal.
  • Tapped and plugged opening in each of two bosses on body for easy access to either end of hinge.

Crane Valve/Crane Energy Flow Sol 125 psi Cast Iron Flanged Swing Check Valve


Valve Size:


End Connection 1
End Connection 2
Cast Iron
Maximum Pressure
125 psi
Valve Size
3 in
Valve Type
Check Valves

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