• Act as automatic non-return valve applied as a containment device to prevent gross backflow of steam from main header to boiler in case boiler fails.
  • Assist in cutting out boiler when ceasing to fire.
  • Bolted bonnet.
  • Do not rely upon check valve feature for primary shut-off.
  • Flanged Y pattern.
  • For "horizontal-downward" or "upward-horizontal" flow.
  • For installation between boilers supplying the same steam header and positioned with pressure under the disc.
  • Help in returning boiler after a shutdown.
  • Restrict backflow of steam from header into boiler which has been shut down and accidentally opened.
  • Valve disc closes automatically to restrict backflow of steam to boiler.

Crane Valve/Crane Energy Flow Sol 250 psi Cast Iron Flanged Angle Check Valve


Valve Size:


End Connection 1
End Connection 2
Cast Iron
Maximum Pressure
250 psi
Valve Size
3 in
Valve Type
Check Valves

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