• Bronze trim.
  • Outside screw and yoke.
  • Heavy duty.
  • For steam, water, noncorrosive oil, and other fluids that do not corrode bronze or iron.
  • High-strength cast iron body and bonnet conform to ASTM A126, Class B.
  • Removable bronze seat rings are screwed into the body.
  • Tapered solid wedge iron disc with bronze faces is guided throughout its travel, which eliminates premature contact with the seating surfaces.
  • Solid bronze disc on sizes 2"– 3".
  • Manganese bronze stems withstand torsional and tensile strains and are highly resistant to wear.
  • Include handwheels.

Crane Valve/Crane Energy Flow Sol Figure 7 1/2E 2-1/2 in. Cast Iron Flanged Gate Valve


Manufacturer Part #: 71/2E*024

Valve Size: