• Etch-resistant glass with a simple color comparison provides easy viewing and quick diagnostics.
  • Leak-proof design is compact and short in length to easily fit within a unit and provide accuracy in performance.
  • Provides early warning that a potential failure exits resulting in corrosion, chemical damage, restricted flow, or even compressor failure.
  • Sight Glass and Moisture Indicator provides a quick visual diagnosis of refrigerant and moisture levels within a system.
  • Sweat models feature copper fittings to permit solder installation without disassembly.
  • The moisture indicator recognizes moisture within the system.
  • The sight glass indicates if the system has the proper refrigerant level, a restricted dryer or excessive pressure-drop.

Diversitech Sweat Flare Connection


Fitting Sizes:

3/8 in


Fitting Size 1
3/8 in
Fitting Size 2
3/8 in
Fitting Sizes
3/8 in
6 in

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