• Dual display allows the user to read current and voltage or temperature simultaneously
  • Easy access to the temp calibration pot, backlight, duty cycle for measuring controls, true RMS, microamps for flame rectifier circuit, continuity (LED and beeper), low ohm ranges for motor windings, read up to 400A AC with 0.1A resolution, auto-rangi
  • Includes swivel head clamp meter, deluxe Silicone test leads, alligator clip lead extensions, K-type thermocouple, large single meter case, and velcro strap
  • Increased safety with the non contact voltage that determines if a wire is hot or not
  • Inrush current determines health of motor
  • Swivel Head with LED Flashlight to read display even in the hardest to reach places
  • Temperature circuit designed for techs who need accurate readings in fast changing environments

Fieldpiece Instruments Clamp On Swivel Meter Inrush Current


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