• Includes SMAN3, wet bulb thermocouple, dry bulb thermocouple, vacuum gauge in microns, two K-type thermocouples pipe clamps, protective case, and operator’s manual
  • K-type thermocouples are fast reacting and provide accurate temperatures and displays actual temperature
  • Long battery life of 135 hours with a constant battery status and auto power-off
  • Micron gauge alarm sounds when chosen micron level is reached
  • Multiline backlit display is resistant to extreme temperatures and viewable up to 20' away
  • Quick and easy field calibration
  • Superheat and subcooling are calculated and displayed simultaneously
  • Target superheat is automatically calculated from measurements taken eliminating guesswork and manual calculations
  • Vacuum stopwatch tracks the time the vacuum pump has been working as the length of time can indicate hidden issues

Fieldpiece Instruments Digital Refridgeration Manifold with Pipe Clamp






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1/4 in
1/4 in