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  • Cartridge style seat permits easy change without special tools
  • Designed for 125/150 lbs flanges
  • High strength two-piece stem eliminates taper pins and disc screws from flow path
  • Molded O-ring eliminates the need for flange gaskets. Pressed collar style angle face rings (typically sizes 2" to 6") are not recommended due to the large radius of the inner diameter
  • Mounting pad with square shaft permits direct mount actuation that reduces hysteresis and cost (2" - 12")
  • Rated to 200 psi (2"-12"), 150 psi (14"-24")
  • Secured stem retainer plate for blowout-proof protection and also allows operator removal with valve in line
  • Shell tested to 150% and seat tested to 110% of maximum working pressure
  • Standard stainless steel disc and stem offer superior strength and chemical resistance

FNW 731 Series Cast Iron Viton® Gear Operator Handle Butterfly Valve


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