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  • Flexible connectors are used to absorb thermal and seismic movement, absorb hydraulic shock, provide vibration and noise dampening, ease installation and correct minor misalignment of piping and components
  • Similar to the metal flexible connectors in application advantages, single sphere flexible connectors are suitable for pressure and vacuum services
  • The elastomer allows greater movements in the axial, elongation, lateral, and angular directions and provides a wide service range due to its chemical resistance characteristics
  • The spherical shape is stronger than cylindrical elastomer connectors and disperses pressure evenly over a larger surface area
  • The streamline shape also reduces turbulence and sediment build-up and lessens deformation while under pressure
  • They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and connection ends for numerous applications

FNW Flange Single Sphere Flexible Connector 6 in. Length


Fitting Sizes:


End Connection 1
End Connection 2
Fitting Size 1
5 in
Fitting Size 2
5 in
Fitting Sizes
5 in x 5 in
6 in

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