• Everything Franke is created with the utmost attention to quality and design
  • For kitchens large or small (baths as well), traditional or contemporary, there is a unique Franke design to enhance your decor and suit your lifestyle
  • Place the Roller Mat on top of the Mythos drain board and dry your dishes, vegetables etc
  • The Mat raises the surface area allowing air to flow under and help dry your items faster
  • The Roller Mat can also be used on top of the bowl for the Mythos Series Sinks, as well as the Ultra Magnum Kubus, KBX720
  • The following Kubus series sinks will also allow the rolling mat to fit on top of the sink ledge: KBX110-21, KBX120-39, KBX120-43, KBX160, KBX104-18
  • The mat sits on a ledge around the bowl allowing you to use this area as an additional work surface or to drain dishes, vegetables, etc
  • The new Franke roller mat truly innovative and practical accessory ideal for any kitchen task
  • This feature can be used with the following Franke Mythos models: MTX 611, MTX 611-LH, MTX 651, MTX 651-LH, MTX 661, MTX 661-LH

Franke Consumer Products Stainless Steel Roller Mat




18-1/2 in
Stainless Steel
18-1/2 in

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