• Ideal for measurement of water for residential, commercial, industrial and residential fire applications where sensitivity to low flow is important.
  • Meters with Itron In-line connectors, nicor connectors or translator registers less potting and less wire are available
  • No straight pipe requirements apply before or after the meter
  • Provides the same revenue as a compound at a fraction of the cost and costs less to maintain
  • Remote read meters feature a battery powered wall-mountable remote reader (TRuRead Remote) with digital display
  • Strength of the MVR is low flow measurement and the ability to pass sand and debris unlike a PD
  • The only vertical turbine meters available in the US, they can be installed vertically or horizontally and are the perfect replacement for compound meters
  • They are ideal for installation in tight spaces
  • They can be read up to 200' away without any signal degradation
  • This is the most versatile meter in the industry used in place of normal PD, turbine and compound applications

Hersey Meters Compact Meter Gallon Bronze


Fitting Sizes:


ANSI Specifications
ANSI 372, ANSI 61, ANSI C701 Class I
AWWA Specifications
AWWA C-701
Case Material
End Connection 1
End Connection 2
End Connections
Fitting Size 1
2 in
Fitting Size 2
2 in
Fitting Sizes
2 in
Fitting Type
Flow Rate
160 gpm
10 in
Bronze, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic
Maximum Pressure
150 psi
NSF Certified
NSF Specifications
NSF 372, NSF 61
Temperature Range
33 to 130 Deg F
Vertical Turbine Water Meter

Starting at
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