• 300 series Stainless Steel shear rings with a minimum thickness of 0.012" conform to ASTM A-240
  • 316 series Stainless Steel clamps with nut and bolt takeup are standard and meet all requirements of ASTM A-240
  • Mission's ARC Stainless Steel shear ring is the heaviest in the industry
  • Molded Rubber sleeve, extruded in larger sizes, conforms to ASTM C-425, ASTM C-1173
  • Most couplings require no bushings for dissimilar types or sizes of pipe
  • Nut and bolt clamp design is much stronger than traditional worm drive design
  • Over 33% thicker than the competition
  • Sealing o-ring under each sealing clamp band prevent pipe slippage and provide a more positive seal
  • Surgical Grade 316 stainless steel sealing clamps provide the greatest corrosion resistance possible

Mission Rubber Asbestos Cement or Ductile Iron x Cast Iron Plastic Shield Coupling






ASTM Specifications
ASTM A-240, ASTM C-425
End Connection 1
Ductile Iron
End Connection 2
Cast Iron
Fitting Size 1
6 in
Fitting Size 2
6 in
Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Plastic
6 in x 6 in