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  • Ductile iron lugs and low alloy steel bolts secure the clamp to the pipe
  • Gasket design makes sealing on pitted or corroded pipe possible and lessens bolt torque required to attain leak stoppage
  • Heavy hex nut with fusion bonded coating to prevent seizing and galling
  • Lifter bar acts as bearing surface for nuts, special design lip holds position while tightening
  • Plastic washers reduce friction between lifter bars and nuts
  • Single panel stainless steel repair clamp provides corrosion protection
  • Stud bolts MIG welded to lug plate creating a captive design, eliminating loose pieces in the field
  • Suitable for mild acids, water and salt media with a temperature range of -25°F to 200°F per ASTM D2000
  • Superior storage characteristics allow you to keep these in inventory and assure that they are ready to use when you need them
  • Use to repair circumferential breaks, longitudinal ruptures caused by ground movement, small holes and cracks

Powerseal Pipeline Products 3121 12 in. All Stainless Complete Circle Pipe Bolt Repair Clamp 13.70 - 14.10 in.




ASTM Specifications
ASTM A-240, ASTM A-325, ASTM A-536, ASTM A-563, ASTM D-2000
AWWA Specifications
AWWA C-111, AWWA C-230
Fits Pipe Size
12 in
8 in
Ductile Iron, Low Alloy Steel, Rubber, Stainless Steel
Material Type
304, SBR
NSF Certified
Range in
13.70 in - 14.10 in
Temperature Range
-25 to 200 Deg F
UL Listed

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