• Accepts single and dual runs of NMSC and accommodates one of the widest ranges of NMSC combinations in the industry. No need to stock any other connector.
  • Can be easily removed by pushing one of the locking tabs with a screwdriver
  • Installs from inside the box - The unique design allows the installer to run the NMSC through the knockout to the desired length before snapping the connector into the knockout. No need to cut an oversized hole for an old work box and connector installation
  • One piece nonmetallic construction - made of tough engineered thermoplastic and can be used in exposed and concealed ceilings and walls. Resists corrosion and offers insulation protection.
  • Snap-in locking tab design secures THE INSIDER into the removed 1/2 in. knockout securely
  • The only NMSC connector that is UL tested for use with an eccentric knockout

Raco Connection NMSC Insider Top Section Non-Metallic Connector


Fitting Sizes:

1/2 in


Fitting Size 1
1/2 in
Fitting Sizes
1/2 in
UL Listed

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