• Aluminum handle enables effortless two-finger lifting of the door without smudging the mirror and it also houses the night light option and creating a clean clutter-free design
  • Interior cabinet lights turn on when the door is open, off when it is closed and making it easy to find items even when your room is dark
  • Low wattage night light handle and mirror defogger
  • Power when and where you need it most, the electric column features six outlets, two on the top and four at the bottom and to provide power for items such as electric razors and curling irons
  • The mirror defogger allows mirror use even in a humid environment, an LED indicator light lets you know that the defogger is turned on and mirror defogger comes with a night light
  • The night light provides a soft light that illuminates to help locate items in the middle of the night
  • The position hold door-opening mechanism lets you decide how much or how little you open the door
  • This discreet wiring enclosure keeps unsightly wires (coaxial, ethernet, speaker and appliance) out of sight and it allows you to run wires from your appliances to any outlet without cluttering your space
  • Use the pull-out magnifying mirror (POMM) to perform detailed tasks like tweezing while creating less ergonomic stress and this mirror magnifies at 3x and retracts neatly into the cabinet

Robern Uplift™ Slider Medicine Cabinet




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