Screw For P66050 L23311069908


  • Turns rounded and worn operating nuts by firmly griping the nut at several points and not relying on intact corners
  • Low cost and maintenance with no moving parts
  • Specifically designed to easily engage rounded over or deformed valve nuts in the toughest situations, even when corrosion is significant
  • Valve box should be clear of excess debris and water
  • Valve nut should be visible for best results
  • Secures to Pollard Valve Keys with provided screw and attachment plate
  • Start with medium valve socket and adjust up or down depending on engagement of the nut
  • Once socket is positioned onto valve nut, firmly tap top of valve key to force socket over the nut and secure it
  • Made in the USA

Screw For P66050


Manufacturer Part #: 23-31106-9908


Worn Valve Operating Nut Socket


Brand Model Compatibility
Lowell P66050
Worn Valve Operating Nut Socket