• 1 3/4" teflon-coated vee-head shaft holds loads up to 2500 lbs
  • Ball transfer head and roller heads with rubber wheels have weight capacity of 1000 lbs
  • Designed by pipe craftsman
  • Each leg has leveling adjustment to stabilize loads on uneven surfaces
  • Hand operated set screw provides double margin of safety
  • Handle large diameter pipe up to 48"
  • Locking ring locks faster than on conventional screw-type jacks
  • No. S781400.Use as jack stand
  • No. S781406.Include 4 trued rollers that can be quickly mounted into 12" vee head
  • Steel and stainless steel vee heads, roller heads, and bar stock head have weight capacity of 2000 lbs

Sumner High Pro-Jack with Vee Head




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