• Manufactured with Hostaflon®-TFM 1600 seats and stem packing designed for steam applications up to 366° F
  • Temperature range: -40° F to 366° F
  • Double Viton® stem O-rings
  • High and low pressure switches for excellent compressor protection
  • Tubular, dimpled heat exchanger
  • Pre--painted galvanized steel cabinet for long life and quality appearance
  • Commercial strength base rails with built--in rigging capability
  • Non--corrosive, sloped condensate drain pan, meets ASHRAE 62--89
  • Combination gas heating and electric cooling, self contained for year-round comfort
  • Unit shipped ready for downflow applications with conversion to horizontal airflow accomplished with accessory horizontal discharge roof curb

T-100NE 1 in. Brass Threaded 500# Ball Valve


Manufacturer Part #: 100-705

Valve Size:

1 in