Tyco 2 in. Carbon Steel 2-Piece Escutcheon Sprinkler Skirt T1198


  • Allows installation of the sprinklers and pressure testing of the fire protection system/evaluation of leak tightness prior to installation of a suspended ceiling or application of the finish coating to a fixed ceiling
  • Designed for use with pendant and horizontal sidewall automatic sprinklers in fire protection systems where the piping is installed above a ceiling or behind a wall
  • Permits the removal of suspended ceiling panels for access to building service equipment without having to first shut down the fire protection system and remove sprinklers
  • Reduces the accuracy to which the length of the fixed pipe drops or horizontal pipe runs to the sprinklers must be cut, and it provides additional flexibility in the interconnecting pipe
  • Used to improve the overall appearance of the installation by concealing the clearance holes required for the connecting piping and fittings to the sprinkler
  • Used where it is necessary to position the sprinkler away from the ceiling/wall surface so that spray will not be adversely affected by protruding obstructions such as light fixtures and HVAC diffusers

Tyco 2 in. Carbon Steel 2-Piece Escutcheon Sprinkler Skirt


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Color Finish
2 in
Carbon Steel

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