• The Style 924 design allows 21/2"/65 mm for insulation and lagging
  • The Style 924 outlet main body casting is provided with integral lugs which insert into a hole cut in the pipe, gripping against the pipe’s inside wall, while a nut threaded on the main body is tightened to force the gasket and containing collar against t
  • The Vic-O-Well outlet main body is machined internally to standard thread well dimensions, making it ideal for a variety of industrial glass thermometers with a 6"/150 mm nominal bulb length
  • The Victaulic Style 924 Vic-O-Well outlet provides a fast, easy connection, combining the features of a thermowell and strapless mechanical outlet
  • The streamlined shape of the Vic-O-Well outlet’s probe reduces friction losses in the main, while providing 3"/80 mm of insertion length, into the fluid

Victaulic 300# Ductile Iron Thermowell Enamel Gasket Outlet




ASTM Specifications
ASTM A-536
End Connection 1
Plain End
End Connection 2
Plain End
Fits Pipe Size
4 in - 8 in
Ductile Iron
Maximum Pressure
300 psi
Maximum Temperature
Outlet Size In
7-9/100 in
Pressure Class