Victaulic Coil Pack VK000799318


  • 18-gauge galvanized steel top and front cover
  • All hoses can be provided pre-connected on the supply and return side
  • Brackets and hangers included in package
  • Choice of copper/aluminum heating elements C-340, C-440, C-540 or steel/electro-gal. steel S-532, S-440, S-832. Order separately.
  • Consists of y-strainer/ball valve or ball valve union combination, two coil hoses, a union port fitting, and a balancing valve
  • Cover section joints may be made with internal splice plates or telescopic external splice plates
  • Fewer connections and excellent balancing control at each terminal unit
  • Height: 14". Depth: 5 1/4"
  • Pre-painted Nu-White baked enamel. Custom colors available.
  • Slope-top, 2-piece fin-tube enclosures are fully packaged

Victaulic Coil Pack


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3/4 in
Fitting Sizes
3/4 in

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