40 ft. x 4 in. SDR 11 HDPE Pressure Pipe


  • Polyethylene pressure pipe is used worldwide for water distribution and transmission systems. DriscoPlex® piping components are made from pressure-rated PE4710 (PE3408), high-density Polyethylene material to meet the stringent demands of today's munic
  • Lowest failure rates for water mains of all pipe material
10 in PED11B1040
12 in PED11B1240
16 in PED11B1640
4 in PED11BP40
6 in PED11BU40
8 in PED11BX40
ASTM Specifications ASTM D-3350, ASTM F-714
Maximum Pressure 200 psi
Pipe Tubing Size 4 in
Wall Thickness 0.436 in
Waterworks PVC Pipe Type SDR 11