Honeywell Home 1/4 in Inlet/ 1/8 in Outlet Propane and Natural Gas Pilot Assembly


  • Offers adjustable mounting options, flexible hood orientations and the accessories needed for replacement
  • The universal fittings and compact size of the universal pilot means that instead of carrying a large inventory, contractors need only to carry several universal pilots on their trucks to be prepared for almost any pilot job
  • Designed to replace nearly any Honeywell pilot you encounter

Inlet Outlet:

1/4 in inlet/ 1/8 in outlet
Brand Model Compatibility S8600F, S8600H, S8600M, S8610F, S8610H, S8610M, S8610U, S8660D, S8660E, S8670D and S8670E Intermittent Pilot Systems
Fuel Type Natural Gas, Propane
Inlet Outlet 1/4 in inlet/ 1/8 in outlet
Power Source Gas
Type HQ348U1009