Winter Weather Supplies

Winter weather often brings freezing temperatures, snow, ice and sleet, which can cause damage to buildings and pose a threat to personal safety. Keep property, yourself and your crew safe with winter weather safety tips in our Emergency Preparedness Guide. Save time at checkout and get the safety supplies you need faster by signing up for

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Winter storms can quickly turn minor building repair needs into major structural damage, which makes it important to prepare for cold weather before the temperatures drop. Perform plumbing maintenance with pipe insulation and pipe repair products. Prevent snow and ice from piling up with ice melt and snow shovels. Keep buildings powered in the event of power loss with a generator.

Winter weather increases the risk of cold related injury and illnesses when working outside without the proper protective apparel. Stock up on boots, reflective jackets, hard hat liners, gloves and heated gear to stay warm. Prepare your work truck for snowy conditions with flashlights, batteries, battery-powered radios and first aid kits.

After the snow has fallen and freezing temperatures take over, keep buildings safe and in good condition with sealants, power tools, sump pumps and patch & repair supplies. Clean up the mess that sleet can leave behind with cleaning supplies, wet/dry vacuums, wipers and rags, cleaning chemicals, trash cans and bags.