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Armateck logo
Est. 2023


Forged under the principles of quality, strength and ingenuity for people who want to conquer their workday, Armateck products fuse time-tested tradition with the precision of modern engineering to shield the wearer from head to toe. Our full array of protective equipment matches the dauntless spirit that defines our customers’ work. Armateck: Protection at Work.

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Avallon logo
Est. 2013


Designed for those who refuse to sacrifice quality for value, Avallon features premium built-in appliances including beverage refrigerators, wine coolers and undercounter refrigerators. The Avallon team strives to engineer appliances that make life simple. Avallon is driven by innovation, inspired by quality and proud to offer access to a wide selection of superior products.

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Durastar logo
Est. 2020


Durastar aims to provide high-quality unitary and mini-split HVAC products that perform consistently and are accessible at a value that’s friendly to everyone. Durastar is founded on three key considerations of quality, value and reliability. Durastar: Engineered for comfort.

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Edgestar logo
Est. 2004


EdgeStar is an industry leader in the specialty appliance field, developing appliances designed to elevate the lifestyle of those who use them. The brand places emphasis on quality construction of all EdgeStar products and is dedicated to providing attentive customer support.

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FNW logo
Est. 1979


Known for providing custom solutions to unique challenges, FNW has become a leader in valve actuation and modification. FNW serves customers everywhere with durable, trusted products including valves, hangers, fittings, piping products and more. FNW is committed to providing quality, diversification and consistency in every product.

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Est. 2006


Koldfront is established as a trusted brand providing portable window and wall-mounted air conditioning units with distribution across a variety of eCommerce marketplaces. Koldfront products have a focus on portability, while keeping an emphasis on quality construction and attentive customer support at an affordable price.

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Est. 2019


Landmark premium under counter appliances are focused on quality and reliability as much as sophistication and aesthetic. All Landmark products are crafted with precision in mind and serve as an establishing feature in the spaces they occupy. Landmark was founded on one particular goal: to present appliances that are as reliable and recognizable as they are attainable.

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Est. 2014


Miseno makes beautiful, high-quality home improvement products for people who appreciate style and value. The brand’s emphasis on excellence, thoughtful design, and attainable luxury gives Miseno products a true purpose. Style comes home with Miseno.

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Nation Fire Products logo
Est. 1986

National Fire Products™

National Fire Products understands safety is a primary customer concern, which is why the brand proudly offers a selection of dependable fire protection equipment. National Fire Products is committed to being a trusted partner for fire protection contractors through a dedication to high quality products and peace of mind.

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Pollardwater logo
Est. 1837


Pollardwater specializes in tools, equipment and supplies for municipal and wastewater operations, providing superior solutions to the water and wastewater industry. Pollardwater serves customers through technical product support and focuses on being a trusted supply partner.

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Proflo logo
Est. 1995


From rough products to finished fixtures, PROFLO products are developed with both presentation and performance in mind. The PROFLO philosophy is built on three core tenets: quality, value and function. Customers have peace-of-mind and assurance that PROFLO products can be relied on for years to come.

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Proselect logo
Est. 2005


From HVAC supplies, accessories and the tools needed for installation, to water filtration systems, hydronics and more, PROSELECT products represent quality and value to trade professionals. Customers trust PROSELECT to have what they need to get the job done right the first time, every time.

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Raptor logo
Est. 2008


When the job gets tough, the tough turn to RAPTOR for an extensive line of hand tools, cutting tools and extension cords. RAPTOR believes customers deserve hardworking tools that can withstand demanding everyday tasks. Presenting RAPTOR: A new species of tool.

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Signature Hardware logo
Est. 1999

Signature Hardware®

Signature Hardware offers unique accents with a focus on decorative plumbing and lighting fixtures, accessories and hardware. The brand takes pride in having products that are not just beautifully crafted but built to last. Make a statement in every room of the home with Signature Hardware.

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Est. 2018


Westcraft offers a wide range of durable and dependable safety, maintenance and repair products for commercial and residential properties. Westcraft products are designed to help facilities managers and property owners take care of their investments and make it easier to do their jobs.

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