Ferguson carries repair supplies and tools to patch or replace all types of pipe fittings and end connections, from copper to PVC and ABS fittings. To shop our complete offering of fittings, log in or sign up for your free Ferguson.com account.

The products you need to repair pipe fittings

Keep pipe systems in working order with pipe fittings repair parts. As the nation’s leading supplier of pipe, valves and fittings, we are the trade professionals’ trusted source for supplies to repair pipe fittings in a range of applications. When you need to repair fittings in potable water applications, we have the copper fittings and pipe and plastic fittings and pipe you need to get the job done. For effluent systems and gas lines, we offer carbon steel fittings and pipe in a range of sizes. Find the stainless steel fittings and pipe you need for commercial and industrial applications.

In addition to our expansive offering of pipe and fittings, we have the tools you need to complete repairs. Stock up on pipe primer and cleaner, pipe cements and pipe joint compounds. Find professional-grade soldering torches and solder and flux. Invest in new press jaws and rings, and crimpers and presses. Discover the advantages of using press fittings and learn more about press fitting applications. Prevent welder’s flash and protect your hands while welding with welding gloves and face masks. Browse additional accessories like safety goggles and flashlights to help you be prepared for every job.