Shop pipe repair kit products for behind-wall repairs

Repairing broken pipe has its challenges, but it can be uniquely challenging when the pipe is located behind the wall. Fortunately, we have the material and tools you need to conquer behind-wall pipe repairs. Find pipe, plastic fittings and copper fittings in a wide range of sizes and schedules. Shop the pipe cements, hangers and brackets you need to secure pipe connections. Protect your eyes and hands with safety glasses and cut-resistant gloves. Because broken pipe can cause water damage, especially behind walls, learn about smart water leak detectors and see how this technology can benefit your customers and your business.

In addition to our offering of pipe repair material, we have the tools you need to cut and install pipe behind the wall. Get the professional-grade hand saws, solder and soldering torches you need to complete repairs. For PEX pipe, we offer a range of crimping tools and resources to help you understand the benefits of press fittings. Bundle your pipe repair kit with flashlights and headlights to help you work in dark spaces. Because keeping a clean workspace can help you make a good impression with your customers, invest in buckets and cleaning equipment to tidy up when the job is done.