Dust extraction equipment & dust collectors

Under the new OSHA legislation that went into effect September 23, 2017, employers will be responsible for providing workers with the appropriate dust extraction equipment depending on the tool being used. The goal is to reduce worker exposure to silica dust. Follow these simple steps and use the chart below to help you find the right DeWALT and Milwaukee® dust collector attachments for the job.

  1. Select the application for the type of job that you are doing below.
  2. Locate the tool that you have or need to buy for that job in the left column of the chart.
  3. Find the compatible dust extractor in the middle column.
  4. Click the link in the right column of the chart to shop dust extraction equipment and tools.

PRO TIP: While various tools require specific dust collector attachments, dust extractor vacuums can be used in conjunction with all drilling and demolition tools. Browse dust vacuums from DeWALT and Milwaukee®.

Chipping & Demolition Hammer

Chiseling and chipping material like cement and stone can release a large amount of silica dust particulates in the air. Using the DeWALT Large Hammer Dust Extraction kit when operating a DeWALT chipping or demolition hammer is an effective method for limiting silica dust inhalation.

SDS Max & Spline Drilling Rotary Hammer Solutions

Combine the DeWALT universal hose with the drill dust collector to benefit from quick hose connection. Swivel capability enables optimal hole cleaning while the extractor’s tough rubber seal allows for adhesion to most masonry surfaces.

SDS Plus Drilling Rotary Hammer Solutions

Milwaukee® and DeWALT rotary hammers will help you drill through brick and complete other heavy masonry work with ease. Use in conjunction with a Milwaukee® or DeWALT dust extractor equipped with a HEPA filter to ensure maximum silica dust removal.