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AI water infrastructure solutions

Water utilities can reduce the risk of catastrophic pipe failures, plan ahead for pipe replacements and identify lead service lines with support from Ferguson Waterworks. We’re proud to offer access to the next generation of pipe replacement planning – cutting-edge pipe condition assessment technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide an inside look at your utility’s infrastructure.*

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VODA.ai intuitive pipe service

With VODA.ai and help from our expert associates, you can take a proactive approach to infrastructure maintenance. Prioritize water pipe placements and identify potential lead service lines with two services from VODA.ai.

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For leak detection, we’ll work with you to gather and import relevant data. Then, we plug the data into our system, which uses machine learning to fill gaps and provide accurate results. You’ll receive detailed visual reports that help optimize pipe lifespan and prevent major leaks before they happen.

VODA.ai also empowers you to submit your lead inventory—without visiting every lateral—using machine learning. Cut down on field visits, detect lead pipes early and monitor your replacement goals with all the information you need at your fingertips.

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SWORDFISH buried lead pipe detection

In a breakthrough handheld tool, Electro Scan can help you locate buried lead pipes using machine intelligence and low-voltage technology.

SWORDFISH can enter pressurized pipes with diameters as small as a half inch and with multiple 90° bends. The fully enclosed drum helps protect users working in and around meters in basements, around bends or other obstructions.

Your readings are captured and transmitted to Electro Scan via a cloud application to verify the presence of lead pipe. You can also receive an inventory from Electro Scan showing the system- and customer-owned portions of the service lines in the distribution system.

TDG for critical infrastructure

Transcend Design Generator (TDG) enables municipalities and capital planners, design-builders and engineering professionals to rapidly generate preliminary engineering designs for critical infrastructure, including the water and wastewater treatment and power sectors.

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This intuitive, online generative design platform leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the latest treatment plant and substation design best practices to quickly output 3D models, P&IDs, process flow diagrams, civil takeoffs, annual load and chemical costs and more. TDG can be used for both greenfield and renovation projects and customized for your specifications and design criteria.

Stop starting from scratch or copy/pasting and start optioneering. With TDG, you can get conceptual designs in hours so you can focus resources, lower costs and improve schedules.

The future of pipe replacement planning is here

We can help you gain confidence in your water utility planning by relying on machine learning and data to make informed decisions. Contact us to request intuitive water infrastructure solutions or learn about availability in your area.

*This service is available in select markets. Contact us to request information about availability in your area.

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