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Appliance Parts

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Appliance Parts


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Shop appliance parts from Ferguson.

Extend the life of your appliances and upgrade your home with appliance parts from Ferguson. Whether they are located in the laundry room, kitchen or anywhere in between, we offer repair and replacement parts for almost all major appliances. For the laundry room, find parts for your washer and dryer. Shop our selection of dryer parts like lint screens, vent boxes and ducts to keep your dryer safe and lint-free. Get washing machine parts like hoses, turn valves and pans that you can rely on to keep the laundry in your house moving.
Improve the fixtures in your kitchen by installing kitchen appliance parts from Ferguson. Shop our selection of refrigerator parts like crisper trays, thermostats and defrosters. Enjoy ice on demand with our inventory of ice maker parts and equipment. Keep your drain lines clear by installing disposal parts, disposal air switches and grease interceptors. Improve the efficiency of your kitchen with our offering of oven, stove and range parts, including our supply of air hoods and vents parts.