Jobsite Services

Find the big-job solutions you need to help you exceed the demands of your customers with expert help from Ferguson.

Explore our offering of jobsite services and solutions that will help you save time, money and resources on your next pro trade project.

AI water infrastructure

On a construction jobsite, a front-loader lifts a ratcheted pipe

Avoid pipe catastrophes, reduce large breaks and save customers money by prioritizing replacements through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Chlorination & dechlorination

Water pours out of a fire hydrant diffuser attached to the back of a truck.

See how our offering of chlorination and dechlorination products can help you safely prepare newly installed water lines for use and meet environmental requirements.

Field audit program

A Ferguson associate conducts a field audit on a building’s water system.

Reduce the cost of your building’s water systems with our dedicated team of experts that monitors, analyzes and provides insights without disrupting operations.

Funding to finish

View from above of three reservoirs at a water treatment plant.

Let Ferguson guide you through the bureaucratic landscape of funding regulations and policies so you can get the funding to finish your municipality’s infrastructure projects.

Hydrant repair

A contractor in protective gear prepares to attach a hose to a fire hydrant.

Ensure public safety by keeping your municipality’s fire hydrants in top working condition with our offering of fire hydrant repair and maintenance products.

Pipe fusion

A large McElroy Talon fusion machine posed over two large pipes in a field.

Maximize the safety and efficiency of your next PP-R, PP-RCT or HDPE pipe project with jobsite pipe fusion solutions, machine rental and pipe fusion training.

Project management

A Ferguson associate and a contractor review a project plan at a construction jobsite.

Streamline your construction project with customized logistical assistance to plan efficiently, source materials and deliver on time so you can stay on track.

Valve insertion

Four workers are in an underground, reinforced area around a large industrial pipe.

Minimize the disruption of water flow when performing routine maintenance or emergency repairs with line stopping and valve insertion services from knowledgeable associates.

Water line tapping

A worker connects a water line tap to an underground pipe.

Take advantage of hot and cold water line tapping for a variety of pipe material from associates who will work with you to understand the requirements of your line tapping project.

Water meter installation

Two Ferguson associates install a water meter underground in a home’s yard.

Save revenue and operating costs with water meter installation services performed by associates who will help you select the right water metering technology for your municipality.

Advanced metering infrastructure

Two Ferguson associates use a hose and sprayer to perform water meter maintenance in a home's front yard.

Utilities can reduce non-revenue water issues and improve efficiency with metering technology that can allow for identification of potential leaks and more.

Automatic meter reading

Bird’s-eye view of a suburban neighborhood with green lawns and gray roofs.

Upgrade to automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic and status data from your water meters to increase accuracy, save time and reduce labor costs.

3D scanning services

A Ferguson associate prepares the Faro 3D scanner in an industrial building.

Visualize your construction projects accurately with precisely measured 3D models of your physical spaces, whether retrofitting or implementing a new system.

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