Fire & Fabrication

Engineering and Design Services

Find our full range of fire sprinkler and engineering design services to complete all fire system projects in one place.

Fire protection contractors can trust Ferguson for code-compliant fire sprinkler system engineering and design that is functional and practical to install and satisfies the needs of building owners, engineers, architects and authorities having jurisdiction.

Partner with Ferguson from start to finish

Illustration of a fire sprinkler system.

Reduce errors and save time by completing all fire system projects in one place. Ferguson provides engineering, design, fabrication and loose materials for a diverse range of fire sprinkler projects. Get fire system designs, hydraulic calculations, budget planning, contract documents and much more without needing to outsource to a third party. Contact us toll-free at 877-648-1303 to discuss your project.

Bundling program for fire protection

Reduce sorting time and hang pipe faster with our bundling program. Contact us to request services.