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Gas Water Heater Replacement - Parts & Equipment

Be Prepared For Your Next Gas Water Heater Installation

As the largest supplier of plumbing products in North America, you can trust us to have the gas water heaters and water heater parts you need to for a replacement. Our offering of gas water heaters includes atmospheric vent, power vent and direct vent models. Plus, we have everything required to put a new water heater into place. From expansion tanks, compressors and water heater pans to water heater connectors, ball valves and copper tubing, you’ll find what you need for a secure installation. We also have your product needs covered for both PVC and B-venting. Stock up on schedule 40 PVC pipe and elbows, vent kits and PVC glue, or shop gas vent pipe and elbows, B-vent caps and screws. Install your customer’s new water heater with tools like adjustable wrenches, saws, levels, screwdrivers and tape. In addition to essential gas water heater replacement parts, we also provide an assortment of optional accessories. Bundle your gas water heater purchase with anode rods, water heater stands & supports, condensate pumps and recirculating pumps. Improve the quality of your customers’ water with water treatment products. Shop leak detectors to help you protect your customers’ properties.