A woman uses a black pull-down kitchen faucet to rinse a plate in her home.
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7 pull-down kitchen faucet features your customers want

For a remodel or new home construction project, anticipating trends and style is critical, along with finding the right price point for your budget. Kitchen faucets with a pull-down or pull-out sprayer—or even just the ability to add a sprayer attachment at a later date—are standard these days.

Whether you’re looking for the increasingly popular wall-mount or the simpler deck-mount kitchen faucet, discover the top seven features of a pull-down kitchen faucet customers want.

Top pull-down kitchen faucet features

Once you've decided on a pull-down faucet, there are other considerations to keep in mind. With soap dispensers, magnetic docking, water-saving features and more to choose from, homeowners have a lot of options when selecting the faucet for their dream kitchen. Here are the seven top features to consider for your remodel or construction job.

1. Kitchen faucet with soap dispenser

With increased focus on hygiene and reducing waste, many homeowners appreciate the convenience of a kitchen faucet with soap dispenser built in. Your customers can keep countertops clean and mark disposable plastic dispensers off their grocery lists.

Pro tip: If your customer needs a kitchen sink and faucet combo, four-hole sinks are ideal because they provide the flexibility for any future additions or changes. The fourth hole allows space for a kitchen faucet with soap dispenser or a separate attachment.

2. Touchless or voice-activated

Customers who want the latest technology for their homes can choose a kitchen faucet with sprayer that’s not only touchless, but also voice-activated. With a wave of the hand, water turns on or off, keeping the kitchen finger-print free.

Voice activation allows homeowners to have the tap pour specific amounts, warm up water for hand-washing and more. This feature can also help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, especially when handling raw foods.

Typically just the main faucet is operated in this way and the customer will still need to touch the sprayer attachment for use, but it’s a luxurious add-on for tech-savvy homeowners.

3. Ability to change spray styles

The kitchen sink handles a lot of jobs, and a quality pull-down kitchen faucet sprayer will be ready for all of them with the push of a button. A powerful stream can help get stuck-on food off dishes, while a mist can help the homeowner wipe up counters without splashing everywhere or wasting water. Your customers will appreciate the ability to switch from spray to stream.

4. Magnetic docking

Ease of use and less mess are key features of a pull-down kitchen faucet with magnetic docking. The sleek designs fit well with modern aesthetics, and the sprayer easily rolls back to place when the user is done.

5. Non-kink hose

If magnetic docking isn’t on the menu, make sure to look for a kink-resistant hose. A good-quality hose of nylon or another hybrid can prevent customers from becoming frustrated in the middle of dinner prep or cleanup.

6. The perfect faucet colors and finishes

Because chrome is so popular, it’s a classic choice for homeowners. The finish is easy to clean and matches most kitchens. For homes with lots of children or messy projects, bronze can be a better choice to keep from constantly cleaning up after family members.

Other options for kitchen faucet finishes include stainless steel, brushed nickel and brass tones, copper and gold. Colors virtually incorporate the rainbow: black, gold, white, grey, silver, blue and yellow.

7. Low-flow faucet aerator

Environmentally conscious homeowners may want to conserve water (and the energy to heat that water) with a low-flow faucet aerator. While many kitchen tasks require forceful water pressure, such as filling pots of water, adding a low-flow aerator to a pull-down kitchen faucet can help customers feel good about their water use.

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