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Pipe Fabrication Services

Ferguson delivers pipe fabrication, cutting and end preparation services to help you save time and labor on every job.

You can depend on the leading pipe supplier in North America to make it easy for you to get the pipe you need for your projects and have it cut to your specifications from one convenient place in areas that offer this service. Commercial and mechanical contractors benefit from our pipe cutting and end preparation capabilities, and Ferguson provides fire protection professionals with complete fabrication services.

What you’ll get with Ferguson pipe fabrication services

Whether your organization fabricates pipe in-house or not, Ferguson pipe fabrication, cutting and end preparation services will complement your organization’s fabrication capabilities and help you get the job done.

Strategic network

Ferguson has a network of strategically located pipe fabrication and pipe end cutting and preparation facilities to serve the unique project requirements of our customers from region to region. Contact your local Ferguson for information about the availability of pipe fabrication and pipe cutting services in your area and get assurance that we will complete your order to your specifications.

Fabricated pipe delivery

Our combination of pipe fabrication services and logistics abilities means we can customize our delivery methods to fit your needs—get your order at your jobsite or shop or pick it up at one of our Pro Pick-Up locations. Even if you need your pipe order delivered to a high-rise for a commercial construction project, we’ll pack, tag and mark each piece, so it’s staged for crane pickup.

Industry-best lead time

We offer a competitive turnaround time for standard orders and can quote an industry-best lead time you can rely on for larger pipe fabrication requests. In locations where this service is offered, we can deliver the pipe to your business or directly to your jobsite to help you save time and labor and get your project done on budget and on schedule.

Accurate roll grooving with the Victaulic RG5200i

In order to provide our customers with industry-leading roll grooving services, Ferguson has implemented the Victaulic RG5200i in select locations. The Victaulic RG5200i automates the roll grooving process of carbon steel pipe and records every dimension and cut for full traceability. Our roll grooving services can increase the quality of your project.

Pipe fabrication capabilities

When your request is sent to Ferguson for processing, your required pipe specifications are entered into our database to ensure accurate fulfillment. Our pipe cutting and end preparation capabilities for commercial and mechanical contractors vary by location but can include:

Cut grooving

  • Carbon steel pipe down to ¾”

Roll grooving standard or old style

  • Carbon steel pipe from ¾” up to 36”

  • Stainless steel schedule 10 pipe from 2” up to 12”

  • Stainless steel schedule 40 pipe from 2” up to 24”

  • Copper pipe from 2” up to 8”

Roll grooving cut to Victaulic AGS specifications

  • Carbon steel from 14” up to 36”


  • Carbon steel from ½” up to 12”
  • Stainless steel from ½” up to 4”

Pipe cut to length - Square cut

  • Carbon steel from ⅛” up to 36”

  • Stainless steel from ⅛” up to 16”

  • Copper from ⅛” up to 8”

Pipe cut to length - Bevel cut

  • Carbon steel from 2” up to 36”

Connect with Ferguson

Connect with Ferguson to request pipe fabrication, pipe cutting and end preparation services for your next project.