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eProcurement Services

Ferguson offers several eProcurement services to save you time managing the order process. Our technology integration options allow you to focus on your specific products while minimizing errors and providing you with a streamlined user experience. Customize each service according to your business to maximize time and money savings.

eCatalogs & portals

In a warehouse, a person holds a pipe fitting and types on their laptop.
  • Place orders digitally using customized eCatalogs and portals offered by several Ferguson partners.

  • Larger companies benefit from a spectrum of partner capabilities.

  • Get business done on your schedule with 24/7 access.

PunchOut catalogs

A person holds a smartphone over a scan book and scans a product barcode.
  • Shop specifically for your needs with an automatically updated product catalog, individual pricing and real-time availability.

  • Quotes and purchase orders go directly from your purchasing software to your Ferguson team.

  • Create and organize custom product lists and store quotes with the My Lists feature.


A Ferguson associate types at a computer while sitting at his desk.
  • Seamlessly integrate your company’s purchasing, receiving and accounting system with Ferguson.

  • Streamline the purchasing process by virtually eliminating human error and paper waste.

  • Reduced input time improves workflow to save money.

Explore the best eProcurement service for your business today.

Ferguson offers these services free of charge, but third-party fees may apply.